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❶If there is an editor you feel would be best suited for your document, you may mention their name in the "Comments" field of the submission process.

This exhaustive service is intended to catch:

Copy Editing for Academic, Professional, and Personal Use

Choose content editing prior to peer review or public distribution as it is comprehensive. Content editing is also highly recommended for first-time authors, non-native English writers, and as an academic editing service. Necessary for manuscripts requiring extensive corrections of English grammar, clarity, or comprehension. Level 3 — Premium Content Editing includes copy and line editing Levels 1 and 2 by correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation; evaluating word choice; eliminating jargon and repetition; ensuring style consistency; revising inappropriate verb tenses; and inserting transitional phrasing.

Your professional editor ensures that you deliver the best quality writing, research, and product possible to your audience. We analyze the big picture of your overall presentation.

Content editing is provided by experienced professional content editors specializing in your genre and writing style. Recommended for clients who need lots of feedback and support. It is for dedicated writers, committed researchers, and determined business executives who want their writing taken seriously. Level 4 — Executive Content Editing Package — includes precise copy editing, detailed line editing, and in-depth content editing Levels 1, 2 and 3. Your content editor corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation; evaluates word choices; eliminates jargon and repetition; ensures style consistency; revises inappropriate verb tenses; and inserts transitional phrasing.

Additionally, you receive a complete editorial assessment of your manuscript and writing style in a separate document as the Professional Editorial Critique. Of course, all positive feedback provided by our professional editors is yours. You are welcome to use this critique in your reviews, book promotions, and marketing.

Your content editor ensures that you deliver the best quality writing, research, and product possible to your audience. Executive editing is provided by experienced professional content editors specializing in your genre and writing style. All professional editing services are customized to your unique needs: Our copy editing service is provided by experienced professional copy editors specializing in your specific genre and writing style.

Get your copy edit directly before formatting. Copy editing is the most essential edit before formatting. Copy editing checks for accuracy and consistency in your writing. It reviews and corrects your documents for readability. With a basic copy edit your writing is free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors while ensuring consistency.

Copy editing includes evaluating your word usage, eliminating jargon, and removing repetitious words. A professional copy editor helps you achieve clarity in your writing and style by carefully reviewing and correcting your every word for intent and grammar. Your copy editor also determines that the specific details, names, dates, and locations within your writing are consistent.

First impressions are so incredibly important. If you feel that you need more than just a copy edit, consider either line editing or copy editing. These are higher levels of editing which provide a much deeper evaluation of your writing, structure, and organization. If you are unsure about what type of editing you truly need, contact a professional editor. They can assess where you are in the writing process and which editing level would serve you best; content editing, line editing, or copy editing.

We are happy to discuss the various editing levels with you via phone, chat, or email. However, we would much rather SHOW you what editing level is best by providing a professional evaluation and free editing sample of your writing. Get a Free Sample. Copy editing service from experienced professionals is of paramount importance! Do you want to share your writing with the world? Then choose the right team.

Discover for yourself how our professional copy editing service transforms YOUR writing! Compare Editing Services Get personal editing services that are customized to your unique writing needs!

Recommended only for confident writers prepared to format; your final editing service Necessary when completing your final edit with NO further revisions planned More details pop up Read our full description here. Standard Line Editing Be prepared for your public debut with line editing. Recommended by university professors academic editing service and literary agents as the minimum standard necessary before submission, review, or publication Necessary when you have been advised to seek professional editing or plan on publishing or distributing publicly More details pop up Read our full description here.

Premium Content Editing Get comprehensive professional editing services and feedback to assist in your revisions during development and creation. After a thorough edit by a PhD-qualified subject-area specialist, a second editor polishes and refines your paper to remove any existing ambiguities.

Every manuscript submitted to us is matched to editors with highly specialized subject-area expertise. For example, a paper in Neurology will be edited by an editor who is an MD in Neurology, not by a specialist in Medical Sciences click for more examples. This technical competence enables us to optimize the content as well as the language and pay due attention to even the most subtle intricacies. Our stringent systems and processes, professional editors, and in-house quality management system help us in delivering this promise to our authors.

Pay once and get your paper edited unlimited times until you are satisfied. Exclusive to Enago, Edit unlimited is a post-editorial support service with a validity of days from manuscript delivery. The same editor who worked on your manuscript will edit your paper to ensure highest quality. Your manuscript is formatted according to the style guide and specifications of your target journal.

A detailed four-page report containing a full analysis, including all the comments and critiques put forward for your manuscript.

Comprehensive and up-to-date resources for researchers, publishers, and editors to assist their knowledge and learning. Submit your Manuscript Get a quotation within 1 Hour. You need to pay just once and have your manuscript edited unlimited times for a defined duration. For more information you can read our Post-Editorial Support page Click here. However, under Proofreading services, the journal formatting option is not available.

Standard Full Service Copy Editing

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Copy editing is provided by experienced professional copy editors specializing in your genre and writing style. Get a free professional editing sample and evaluation of your specific needs, plus compare affordable editing services rates!

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Copyediting is the final step in perfecting your manuscript. It’s there to catch the errors and inconsistencies that threaten your brand, ensuring that you’re selling a professional-quality product that readers can trust. Use our professional copy editing service and we will leave your story clearer, more engaging, and more readable.

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The Proofreaders offers copyediting services as well as a second set of eyes. For more information about copy editing, proofreading, and editing services, please contact us for a custom quote. Testimonials for The Proofreaders, LLC. Copy editing is the last step in preparing a document’s content. Getting help from a professional copy editing service will enhance your document by.

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Professional Copy Editing Services. What if we say, “We’ll excise, expunge and purge your research work”? The most common reply would be a blank face with no clue of what we are trying to do. Put a fantastic finish on your content with our professional copy editing services. Connect with thousands of pre-screened editors and hire the perfect person for your project. Affordable, fast and quality guaranteed.